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Excellant service
They know and understand all the pets they sell. Willing to teach you about...
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This place pretty much has everything you need when it comes to exotic pets! We needed to buy some small... read more

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My wife and I have been in this store a few times. I purchased a tarantula sling and have... read more

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Chameleons come in a variety of sizes. They can be anywhere from 1 inch to 30 inches long. Chameleons start changing colors around 5 months old. They change colors in order to camouflage themselves from predators, or to reflex their mood, temperature or even to communicate. Chameleons are exotic and beautiful, but are not very social reptiles.
Iguanas are large, arboreal and mostly all species are strictly herbivores. The Green Iguana’s extensive range comprises the rain forests of northern Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and southern Brazil. They can get up to 6.5 feet with their tail, typically weighing about 11 lbs. They are also tough enough to land on solid ground from as high as 40 feet (12 meters) and survive if threatened, they also use their tail to whip as a defense mechanism They’re good friendly lizards, that require special care and ample amount of space.
There are several varieties of snakes from little garden snakes to big pythons, but the majority of snakes are cared for in the same way. They do not require a lot of space or attention. As long as they have the right environment they are a very low maintenance pet. They eat about once a week, the larger the snake the larger the meal. They do require a warm, humid environment to survive.
Rabbits are a very friendly, loyal animal. They are prone to digging and chewing, but are also playful, independent, and affectionate. They can be trained to do different things such as ring a bell when they are hungry or even use a litter box. Bunnies can be a great companion, but do take a lot of time and care.
Chinese water dragons can grow up to 1 m (3.3 ft) in total length, including tail, and can live from ten to fifteen years. Native to the lowland and highland forests of southern China and southeastern Asia. If threatened, the dragon will drop from the trees into the water and either swim to safety or remain submerged for up to 25 minutes. Water dragons live in areas with average humidity levels of 40–80% and temperatures ranging from 80–90 Β°F (26–32 Β°C). Though they will also eat vegetation, the diet of the water dragon consists mainly of insects, supplemented with an occasional small fish, mammal or reptile.
There are several different species of birds that can fit different lifestyles. Little birds such as canaries, finches, and love birds are great for apartment living as they do not require much space, while other birds such as parrots and cockatiels can talk and respond to their owners. Most varieties of birds are easy to train, intelligent, live a long life and for the most part are low maintenance.
Ferrets are playful and affectionate and will bond to their owners. They are a quiet animal, who are easy to feed, and exercise. They can be litter box trained and do not take up a lot of space. Ferrets have different personalities, so it is important to pick one that you connect with. Overall ferrets make great pets.


Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. There are dogs that shed fur, and others that need to be groomed. Most dogs require lots of exercise, attention and companionship, but there are some that can be litter box trained and spend the majority of their time indoors. It is important to do research on the breed of dog you get before deciding as you can find one that is perfect for your home and lifestyle.
There are different kinds of turtles & tortoises, some are small and can live in a tank, but others grow quite large and are better suited in an outdoor environment. All tortoises live on land and are herbivores. Turtles are fun to watch, but are not very social and do not need human contact to be content.
Fish come mainly in two forms, fresh water and salt water. Fresh water fish can easily be set up and kept in a small or large tank and bowl. Filter systems are available to help keep the bowl clean, or transferring to another bowl while cleaning works as well. Salt water fish require a bit more attention as the levels in the water need to be checked and carefully calculated. Fish do not take up a lot of space depending on the size of your bowl and can add beauty and entertainment to your home without the time and work involved with a traditional pet.
The frilled dragon, is a species of lizard, which is found mainly in northern Australia and southern New Guinea. The frilled-neck lizard is so called because of the large ruff of skin which usually lies folded back against its head and neck. The neck frills supported by long spines of cartilage which are connected to the jaw bones. When the lizard is frightened, it produces a startling dramatic display: it gapes its mouth, exposing a bright pink or yellow lining; it spreads out its frill, displaying bright orange and red scales; raises its body; and sometimes holds its tail above its body. This reaction is used for territorial displays, to discourage predators, and during courtship. The frill-necked lizard is a relatively large lizard, averaging (2.79 ft) in total length including tail.
“Great store! Very good selection of pets especially reptiles. If they don’t have it they are willing to try and get it. Staff is knowledgeable and helpful as well. Tons of supplies. Don’t hesitate to check them out!” -Alice

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